Beijing Huasheng Tiancheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive IT service provider with a service network covering the whole Greater China region and some local IT service providers in Southeast Asia. Its business direction involves cloud computing, mobile Internet, Internet of Things, information security and other fields.

The company's business areas cover IT productized services, application software development, system integration and value-added distribution and other IT services.


On November 30, 1998, Beijing Huasheng Tiancheng Technology Co., LTD was established.

On April 27, 2004, the company was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange.

In May 2006, the company implemented the reform of non-tradable shares.

At the end of 2016, the company started to acquire GD, an American company, which is committed to building reliable, efficient and high-quality big data e-commerce service solutions for customers by using open source technology on the cloud computing platform.


The company's main business includes the "cloud computing products and services" segment, which focuses on products and solutions related to cloud computing, and the "Enterprise IT system Solutions" segment, which focuses on information systems and solutions.

The company has cloud computing products and services sector, which is the strategic emerging industry sector under the company's key development. It can mainly provide cloud computation-related cloud products, cloud solutions and cloud services across the board.

Enterprise IT system solution sector is the leading industry sector of the company, mainly providing information system and solution services, covering system planning, system design, software and hardware integration, IT operation and maintenance services, value-added distribution, etc., which is the main source of income of the company at present.

According to the disclosure, the company's business is roughly divided into three categories: system integration, professional services, and financial leasing. At the end of 2016, new businesses related to cloud computing were added. From the perspective of sub-business, system integration accounts for nearly 70%, which is the main source of revenue for the company.

At present, the company has 6 Power series servers, 4 series of 17 storage products and heterogeneous hybrid cloud pipe platform solutions for large government and enterprise customers for market sales.

In the field of cloud computing, the company's cloud productization services mainly focus on smart logistics, smart safety supervision, smart retail, smart tourism and other four fields. The smart tourism projects that have been constructed include: national tourism basic database construction, Beijing Tourism industry operation monitoring and dispatching Center, Ningxia Tourism monitoring platform, Smart Confucius Temple, Zhengzhou tourism industry operation monitoring and dispatching platform, etc.

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